Remove water stains from leather

Water is not particularly good for expensive leather bags, leather jackets or even shoes made of high-quality suede. If the leather was not impregnated, moisture will be absorbed and can leave ugly stains there. How do you get rid of it??

These home remedies will help with water stains on leather

  • vinegar
  • milk
  • citric acid
  • onion
  • halved potato
  • Spot eraser
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Regardless of whether the dirty piece is suede shoes or a leather bag made of smooth synthetic or real leather, leather is a sensitive material. You should therefore be careful with acidic agents such as citric acid or vinegar and always use them diluted. The aggressive glass cleaner should also be diluted 1: 1 with water for use on leather.

Step-by-step instructions for removing water stains from leather

  • any of the above home remedies
  • Care products for shoes
  • Shoe brush
  • an absorbent cotton cloth (alternatively cellulose or a cotton ball can be used)
  • hairdryer

1. Apply agent

Apply one of the above home remedies to the stain and use a shoe brush to brush in from the outside edges of the stain inward.

If you decide to use an onion or a potato, cut off a piece and use the cut side to dab the stain from the outside in as well.

2. Soak up

Ideally, the stain should fade noticeably after repeated dabbing. Then suck the moisture out of the leather using an absorbent cloth.

Then dab a little water on the treated area and soak it up immediately with a dry cloth.

Repeat the process several times to remove your detergent from the leather. Otherwise z.B. Milk residues there start to mold and citric acid in combination with the sun can form ugly spots.

3. Dry and care

Then blow dry the leather with cold or lukewarm air and pamper it with a shoe care product to maintain the suppleness of the leather and to prevent it from drying out or otherwise damaging the treated area.

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