How to change the door handle of the washing machine

The door handle of the washing machine is a moving part and is also made of plastic. These circumstances can cause the handle to break off. Fortunately, you can change it yourself with relative ease.

Replace the door handle of the washing machine

To change the door handle of the washing machine, you need a new door handle (pay attention to the model when re-ordering!) and some tools:

  • a wrench
  • a screwdriver
  • a pincer

1. Remove the door

Use the wrench to remove the hexagon head screws on the door hinge. You can now remove the door. Be careful not to drop it.

2. Take the glass out of the frame

Next, loosen the screws that are on the inside of the door. This will separate the plastic cover from the glass frame. Use the flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the cover. Then you can take the glass out of the frame.

3. Remove door handle

The door handle is now exposed. You pull out the axis of the handle (a thin steel pin) with the pliers. Attention: There is a spring on the door handle. You must then reinstall them in the same position.

4th. Assemble the new door handle

Now take the new door handle and insert the spring into it. Pay attention to the position of the spring.

5. Install door handle

Now place the door handle with the spring in the recess and push the axle back through the holes provided. This process may take some patience because you will have to slide the axle through several parts of the handle and spring.

6th. Assemble the glass and door

Now you can place the glass in the metal frame. Pay attention to the recesses in the frame and the nipples on the glass. Then mount the frame cover on the inside and screw the door to the machine. The entire process shouldn't have taken much longer than 20 minutes.