What durability does a bamboo fence promise??

Bamboo fences are currently becoming more and more popular - because they combine a contemporary, elegant, puristic look with authentic natural materials. In addition, bamboo is extremely hard, yet light and therefore an excellent building material. But what about the shelf life??

The natural durability of bamboo

Bamboo is a really amazing material. The plant belongs to the botanical family of sweet grasses. Nevertheless, due to its high strength, bamboo cane offers properties similar to solid wood for building purposes.

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Apart from the strength and the associated resilience, the natural protective layer of the stalks is also very beneficial for outdoor construction projects. Bamboo stalks form a kind of protective skin on the outside that protects them from chemical and mechanical influences. This also creates the lacquer-like appearance of bamboo cane. This property makes bamboo very resistant and hardly in need of care for permanent installation in the garden. In any case, this applies to bamboo canes sold in specialist shops that have been properly dried and treated using various methods so that they do not provide a breeding ground for fungi and pests.

How you can promote the durability of a bamboo fence

Nonetheless, if processed inappropriately, a bamboo fence can also be susceptible to weathering. In particular, rot and superficial discoloration from moisture-related deposits are possible problems. You can prevent this primarily through the following measures:

  • Do not anchor bamboo supporting pillars in direct contact with the ground
  • Regular cleaning of superficial deposits

So that the supporting pillars of a bamboo fence do not rot, they must not be anchored directly in the ground. They should be enthroned a few centimeters above the surface of the earth - the best way to achieve this is to put them with their hollow base on galvanized water pipes. These can then be sunk at a sufficient distance from the ground. They also offer ground spikes or post shoes for this.

Despite the resistant surface, organic deposits in the form of small algae and other dirt form on bamboo canes outdoors. The result is a grayish discoloration. The easiest way to remove this is with a high pressure cleaner.

In order to make bamboo cane less susceptible to deposits and more durable from the outset, you can give it a water-repellent coating before installing it. A wood protection glaze is best and most effective for this. It effectively reduces the absorption of moisture and thus prevents the settlement of organic substances.