Which pants suit me? These cuts cut the best figure!

No more clueless in front of the jeans shelf: We reveal which trouser cuts are the best choice for which figure!

The thighs are too thick, the buttocks too flat and, if we are completely honest, the legs could be a bit longer. Looks familiar to you? We ourselves are the biggest critics when it comes to our own character. You don't need any gazelle legs or model dimensions to look gorgeous.
After all, we can fall back on a secret styling weapon that conjures up a firm bottom and long, slim legs. We're talking about the good old pants. But which pants suit me best? Here is an overview of the most important types of trousers!

Bootcut jeans

Old fashioned and boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Good old bootcut jeans are experiencing a revival right now. Typical of the jeans oldie are the slightly flared trouser legs from the knee.
Who suits bootcut jeans??
These pants really are for everyone. It suits both slim and curvy women. And if you want to hide strong thighs, this trouser cut is almost perfect. Because the slightly flared leg visually compensates for the breeches. Strong calves are also super concealed.
When buying, make sure that the jeans have a dark, even wash - the dark color also makes you slim.
Tip: Buy the bootcut jeans a little too long and compensate for the missing few centimeters in height with high heels. So your legs look extra long!

Skinny jeans

As the name suggests, skinny jeans are skin-tight and body-hugging. In contrast to conventional skinny jeans, the trouser legs are not straight, but rather narrow towards the width of the foot.
Who suits the skinny jeans?
These skinny jeans look best on slim and slim women. Women with an androgynous silhouette, but also women with wider hips and a round bottom, can wear this type of pants wonderfully.
The tight skinny jeans are rather less advantageous for those who want to hide their strong calves. Unfortunately, they are emphasized by the narrow cut.
Tip: If you want to hide a small tummy, you should use high-waisted skinny jeans!

Boyfriend jeans

Casual, wide and nice and cozy - boyfriend jeans should look like they were stolen from your friend's closet.
Who suits the boyfriend jeans?
With their wide fit and straight legs, boyfriend jeans are a real miracle weapon for covering wide thighs. They look especially great on tall women. If you are small, you should opt for narrower trousers, because the wide boyfriend jeans can make the legs look shorter. And: The loose fit of the pants ensures that the bottom looks flatter.
Tip: If you have slim ankles, you should roll your pants up to your ankles. With heels, the legs look nice and long.

Straight pants

Whether jeans or fabric - the shelves are currently full of straight trousers. Pants that end at ankle height are particularly popular.
Who suits pants straight?
Straight trousers are a must in every wardrobe, because they simply conjure up a great figure. Strong legs make it look slimmer and it gives a very slim, boyish figure curves.
Tip: Models with creases stretch and make the legs look even slimmer.

Marlene pants

The Marlene trousers are an absolute classic among trouser shapes. It owes its name to fashion icon and actress Marlene Dietrich. Typical of the Marlene trousers are the waistband and the very wide trouser legs. The trousers look particularly elegant due to their crease.
Who suits the Marlene trousers?
This cut is particularly suitable for women with a large bottom and strong legs. The wide shape and the stretching crease make the thighs and calves look narrower.
Tip: If you want to hide your lower abdomen, you should use Marlene trousers made of a somewhat firmer material in a dark color.


Chinos are no longer necessarily one of the hottest types of trousers. Nevertheless, the comfortable trousers are still popular with many women. Typical of them is their slightly carrot-like cut, the inlaid pleats and the smooth cotton fabric (chino twill).
Who suits the chinos?
Chinos look especially beneficial on slender women. They look particularly good on small, petite women. If, on the other hand, you have strong hips and thick thighs, you should keep your hands off the carrot-colored trousers. This trouser cut is bulky. In addition, chinos make the bottom look wider and flat due to the missing or only very narrow pockets.
Tip: When trying on, make sure that the chinos are wide enough. It shouldn't be tight on the thighs. If in doubt, go one size larger - that looks more casual.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are very wide pants made of flowing fabric. They are similar in cut to Marlene trousers, but look more casual as they have no crease. The trouser legs are strongly flared and the cut is reminiscent of a trouser skirt.
Who suits the palazzo pants?
With their wide, flowing cut, the trendy palazzo pants hide the thighs and calves perfectly. The trend trousers suit tall women - those who tend to have short legs would look squeezed in this trouser shape.
Tip: Adjust the length of the pants to your heel height! When the trouser legs reach the floor, the legs look longer.


Culottes are ankle-length trousers with very wide legs. These pant skirts have been one of the trend pants par excellence for several seasons.
Who are culottes for??
The trendy trousers look perfect on women with slim calves. Their length emphasizes the narrow ankles and the legs appear slimmer overall. The wide cut also hides strong thighs.
Tip: If you combine pointed pumps in nude with culottes, your figure looks super slim despite the curves!

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