What are the costs for the interior fittings of a house?

After the topping-out ceremony for the house, the interior work will begin. Here again there is a lot of work to be done by the client, which has to be delegated to different companies. What does this fit-out work include - and what costs does the interior fit-out involve?? We compare normal, medium and high standards.

What is part of the interior design?

  • The plumbing and plumbing work make up a large proportion of the interior construction costs. They are around EUR 20 to 50 per square meter of gross floor area in the new building.
  • The installation of electrical systems costs you between 35 and 100 EUR per square meter of gross floor area, depending on the equipment.
  • The painters also make their accounts. Together with the thermal insulation work, plaster, paint, wallpaper and various other coatings cost an average of around 80 to 100 EUR per square meter of gross floor area.
  • Fresh screed is being put in: For this, the client should estimate around EUR 20 per square meter of gross floor area.
  • The tiler also gets his share: for the laying of tiles and slabs including material, an average of around 25 to 40 EUR per square meter of gross floor area is incurred.
  • Other floor coverings such as carpet, PVC and laminate cost the building owner around 10 to 15 EUR per square meter of gross floor area. With parquet it becomes correspondingly more expensive.
  • The carpenter not only installs windows and doors, he may also construct a wooden staircase and take on various other finishing work. Calculate around 100 to 150 EUR per square meter of gross floor area for materials and wages.
  • If the shutters are still missing: Calculate about 15 EUR per square meter of gross floor area.
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Guide values for the complete interior construction costs

If you are planning a house with normal basic equipment, the entire interior work will cost you around 400 to 500 EUR per square meter of usable space. With medium demands, you pay around 500 to 600 EUR per square meter of usable space.

The price of the luxury variant is open, it starts with interior work at around EUR 850 per square meter of usable space. You will receive a covered oasis of well-being for this.

Cost example for the interior work of a single-family house

A new single-family house has a usable area including cellar of 140 square meters. The interior fittings should be of medium standard, the client calculates the approximate costs in advance.

Cost overview price
1. Plumbing and electrics 25th.000 EUR
2. Wall and floor 35.000 EUR
3. Windows and doors 15th.000 EUR
total 75.000 EUR

High quality of living thanks to lighting consultants

Put particular emphasis on pleasant, aesthetic lighting? Consult a lighting consultant who will work out very individual lighting solutions for your new building.

Tips & Tricks The costs for the interior work vary not only depending on the equipment and the company performing the work, but also regionally. If you live in an "expensive " city, you better be prepared for correspondingly high prices.