What are the costs for a patio roof?

A roof is part of a cozy terrace. A patio cover can consist of different materials - self-assembly reduces costs. What is the final price for your roofing??

Aluminum patio cover: costs

Aluminum roofing is one of the most popular types of roofing. As a price guide, we have selected some specific figures for you, which may vary depending on the provider and type of design.

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  • Aluminum roofing with polycarbonate sheets 200 x 250 cm: approx. 1250 EUR
  • Aluminum roofing with polycarbonate sheets 1000 x 500 cm: about 10.000 EUR

These concrete price examples relate to the pure material costs for a roof, without concrete posts and wall mounting, but including VAT.

Wooden terrace roofing: costs

You can buy your wooden patio cover at the discount store at the lowest price. We have determined the approximate cost for you.

  • Wooden roof, standard design, 300 x 300 cm: from around 600 EUR
  • Wooden roof, luxury version, without roof material: 250 x 300 cm: from approx. 1.200 EUR

These figures are also pure material prices - including VAT. Larger patio coverings cost more accordingly.

Additional costs for the patio roof

In addition to the recommended prices mentioned, there are usually additional costs. Expect delivery costs between 50 and 200 EUR, depending on the route. The assembly costs amount to at least 600 to over 2, depending on the route and floor space.000 EURo.

The optional installation of a gutter system will cost you from around 100 euros upwards. Roof connection and side panel also increase the price.

Cost example for a patio roof

A couple can erect an aluminum patio cover. The terrace is 300 x 400 cm, the two homeowners have their roofing installed by a specialist.

Cost overview price
Terrace roofing 300 x 400 cm 3.200 EUR
Delivery costs 100 EUR
Assembly costs 950 EUR
Gutter system 120 EUR
Roof connection 180 EUR
total 4th.550 EUR

Lower costs through self-assembly

As a skilled craftsman, you can save yourself some money if you assemble your patio cover yourself. Prefabricated wooden kits are usually particularly easy to install.

Tips & Tricks Inquire early with your building authority whether you need a building permit for your patio cover!