Which grout to use for the tiles?

The different joint mortar types for tiles bring different properties with. To which product you should grab, depends mainly on the tile type used and the strength of the burden. Read our tips.

Fugue mortar for tiles: The different types

There are five main groups of joint mortar (17.59 € at Amazon *), among which you can choose for use on your tiled floor: Appendix of our brief descriptions you get an overview.

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  • Simple joint white: The conventional joint mortar for tiles is water-permeable and largely inelastic. In damp rooms and on elastic surfaces it should not be used.
  • Waterproof grout: The addition of plastics gives this grout for tiles a greatly increased waterproofness. You can recognize flexible, waterproof grout for damp rooms by the corresponding labeling on the packaging.
  • Flexible grout: If your tiles are, for example, on a heated screed or on a swinging wooden floor, then you should use flexible grout (€ 7.79 at Amazon *) to avoid cracks in the joints.
  • Joint mortar "Joint width ": Large-format panels are often laid at a wider distance from one another. Plain grout would likely crack in this case, but the higher quality "joint width" withstands the stresses.
  • Joint mortar for tiles made of natural stone: This mortar is similar in its composition to the "joint width ", with the addition of an elastic plastic. Pigments are often added in order to obtain a noble color impression.

Colored grout for tiles

The joints in a tiled floor play an important role, also in terms of design. For a particularly uniform overall impression, it is best to use a grout in the color of the tiles. Beautiful color harmonies, on the other hand, are created by combining tones from the same color family.

Tips & Tricks If the color of your grout matches the tiles, the surface appears calmer and more spacious. Use this effect for small rooms to visually enlarge them!