Which job really suits me? Take our test!

"Which job fits me? “Millions of school leavers and students ask this question every year. And even those who already have a job often ask themselves: Is this really the job I want to do until I retire??

Some people wistfully think back to the good old childhood days, when they knew exactly what would become of one: fireman, ballerina or pop star. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay that easy with age. We become adolescents and eventually adults, our interests expand, and we discover what our strengths and weaknesses are. That some childhood dreams vanish into thin air is quite normal. Sooner or later we inevitably get to a point where we have to wonder which way we want to go. Which profession suits me, my talents and my wishes? What do I get happy with??

Which job really suits me?

Often, out of enthusiasm for a dream job, we forget that everyday working life may not be what we imagined. We want to become researchers, but we are not thinking about the animal experiments that are unfortunately often carried out. We want to do something with people, but have not taken into account that we may be overwhelmed in a social profession.
The question "Which job suits me?"is certainly not easy to answer. However, we have good news for you: Times have changed and, unlike our parents, we will hardly be working in the same company for 35 to 40 years. The abundance of new professions is enormous and modern professional life allows us to vary different activities. Anyone who thinks they have to commit themselves is wrong: once a career choice has been made, it is not irreversible.
But whichever job you choose, imagine the following situation beforehand: A gray Monday morning, it's windy, rainy and cold, the alarm clock goes off and you have to go to work. Do you still feel a small, anticipatory tingling sensation in your stomach?? You should be able to motivate yourself anew every morning for your dream job!
Find out in our test in which direction things could go for you.