Which tool shed needs a building permit

A tool shed is defined as a parking space and storage room. In private households, the space requirement is usually limited. In the vast majority of cases, the floor space remains below ten square meters. If there is no development plan, exceptional height or a neighbor speaks against it, a building permit is rarely required.

Observe regulations in spite of the fact that no approval is required

In general, all converted rooms from a defined size are subject to a permit request and, if necessary, a permit requirement. These requirements vary at country and regional level.

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Experience has shown that building authorities allow smaller sheds under ten square meters to be built without a building permit. Nevertheless, the following legally relevant requirements must be complied with:

  • The minimum distance to the property line must be three meters
  • Neighbors must not be visually restricted (visibility, shadows)
  • The shed must not deviate significantly from the local building regulations (shape, color, material)
  • Fire protection regulations must be adhered to

The type of floor in the tool shed can also be designed differently. Compacted earth, point foundations and floor slabs are rated differently in some places than a continuous foundation on the entire floor area.

The local development plan is decisive

In the local development plans, all areas are shown that may be built over and the soil may be sealed with it. A tool shed that does not require a permit can be built anywhere. Buildings that require approval may only be erected on the areas designated as permitted. If not prohibited, the building authority can approve exceptions.

If dangerous or poisonous substances are to be stored in the tool shed (petrol, oil, chemicals, gas in tanks, some types of fertilizer), the appropriate structural precautions must be taken.

A tool shed attached to the garage is almost always free of approval. Open shelters such as a house canopy, for example to store firewood, do not count as tool sheds.

Age does not protect against punishment without a building permit

The building law does not know grandfathering, tolerance and customary law. Buildings built in black, including tool sheds or tool sheds, can exist for years or decades before anyone (building authority, "block warden", neighbor) objects to them. In addition to the demolition and dismantling, there are often additional inconveniences such as fines.

Tips & Tricks If you are planning a tool shed yourself, it is advisable to draw up a "stripped-down" plan B in addition to a favorite design. Try to create a kind of modular list from which you can change or delete individual construction details if you reject it.