Which piece of clothing to choose to move freely and carefree?

The time has come: your little darling has taken its first steps and is now starting to explore the house! In order to optimally support your child in this crucial phase of life, you should dress them with loose-fitting, comfortable and hard-wearing clothes. These are other mothers favorite pieces:


Manon, mother of Timéo (4 years) and Emma (2 years): “I bought a lot of dungarees for my son, which my daughter now also wears. For me they are the ideal pieces of clothing to discover the world, because they do not restrict the little ones when they move. My children wear them most of the year: I just have to adjust the other clothes. In the summer I just put a light T-shirt on them. In autumn, cotton tights come under the dungarees (no wool, as it scratches!) and a thick sweater to go with it. This keeps the kidney area nice and warm, even when the children are exercising. Since I chose a very hard-wearing denim for the dungarees, they are practically indestructible.


Fabienne, mother of Léa (2 years): «My daughter is constantly on the move. But since she is not quite sure on her feet yet, she often falls over. That's why I chose jeans. So I can be sure that your knees are well protected. Nevertheless, I wanted a comfortable piece of clothing that she could easily slip into and that would not restrict her freedom of movement. My daughter is very petite. So I had to find pants that fit her physique so she wouldn't lose them (and it's not that easy at all!). Fortunately, at vertbaudet I discovered the pants “The perfect fit. Vertbaudet offers 3 hip widths, which can be easily adjusted to the width with elastic and button. Perfect for every body type, even for particularly petite children! There are many different models even jeans and treggings. thanks to the Size Chart I also found the right pants straight away.

Sarouel pants

Sarah, mother of Léonor (1 year), Lucie (4 years) and Gustave (6 years): «My absolute favorite piece for my children's first steps is harem pants. I just find them super comfortable. The children's diapers fit in without any problems and thanks to the elastic waistband, the trousers are also very easy to put on and take off. I chose models made of organic cotton because this material is very breathable and hypoallergenic. This is important when the kids are sweating.»

A jumpsuit with a zipper

Charlotte, mom of Pierre (4 years) and Gabriel (8 years): «I lived in the USA for some time. Everything there has to be practical, while less emphasis is placed on style. I often went to a park with my children. There I noticed that many dresses were worn with zippers. It's not exactly aesthetic, but very practical. Children are attracted in no time. Since I've lived in France, I've found work overalls for children on the internet. I put them on when they want to play in the garden in rainy weather. So I don't have to wash all the time.»


Marine, mother of Sofia (3 years): “I really like to dress my daughter in skirts or dresses. But this is clearly not the right thing for the toboggan trip with the kindergarten. That's why I chose leggings: they're perfect for such activities. So that femininity is not neglected, my daughter wears a pretty tunic over it!»

Velcro sneakers

Audrey, mom of Myrtille (7 years) and Maya (10 years): «Shoelaces are annoying when a mother is in a hurry. That's why I very quickly switched to Velcro models with a side zipper. For my girls, sneakers are the ideal companion for all activities.»