Wave base or spring core for the couch?

You have decided on a new couch and are now looking for a suitable model? The question often arises as to whether a wave base or a classic spring core should be selected as the base. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, a comparison is recommended.

In advance: Quality:

Both underframe variants develop their greatest potential when a high-quality piece of furniture is chosen. If the couch is very cheap, this is often noticeable in both variants in poorer comfort and faster wear, regardless of the variant of the base chosen. For example, a better quality undulated spring system can put a simple spring core upholstery in the shade.

Spring core in detail

The greatest advantage of a spring core frame is the high level of comfort provided by the individual springs, which are filled with padding. A spring core couch is based on numerous short springs that are placed in a frame and fastened. As a result, they do not move and in the long run no hollows or other deformations form, since too much pressure is not applied to individual springs. At the same time, the underframe remains elastic, which has a beneficial effect on the body when sitting or sleeping.

You have to be prepared to spend more money on an average spring couch. Since the variant is much more durable and in most cases offers more comfort than the wave base, the investment is worthwhile in the long term. On the other hand, wear and tear is much more difficult to repair with spring cores, which means expensive restorations.

Information on the wave base

If your budget is tight, the wave base is definitely more attractive. There are significantly more offers for sofas with wave springs, even sofa beds, in affordable price ranges. They are also easy to repair if one of the wave springs breaks or bends badly. In addition, a wave base is better suited for sofas than beds because it is harder.

The biggest disadvantage of the underspring is the significantly higher wear. Depending on the load, pits or deformations can form after a few years, which have to be repaired again. In the case of a particularly poorly produced couch with a wave base, the wooden frame can even break.