Build your own spiral staircase - that's possible?

You can find out in this post whether you can build spiral staircases yourself and what is required for it. In addition, what other options you have for building space-saving stairs in your own house, and how you can make your life easier with them.

Spiral staircase types

There are basically different types of spiral stairs:

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  • Quarter-turn stairs
  • Half-turn stairs, for example a half-turn concrete staircase
  • Spiral stairs as space-saving stairs

Each type of staircase has its own characteristics, its particular advantages and disadvantages and its preferred areas of application.

Plan spiral stairs

In addition to the general requirements that stairs must meet, spiral stair types must be specially calculated.

A professional warping of the stairs is necessary. There are special arithmetic methods for this. A staircase can also be drawn by drawing, but even the specialist usually needs several constructions on paper until the result meets all the necessary requirements.

You should therefore never plan a spiral staircase alone. In the interior, numerous aspects must be taken into account for planning. In addition, a large number of regulations must be strictly adhered to. As a layman, you inevitably make mistakes here.

However, depending on the type of staircase and your own craftsmanship, it is possible in some cases to build a staircase planned by a specialist yourself.

Solution: kits

Even with a kit, you cannot avoid prior planning. The most important specifications are usually already taken into account with kit stairs, so that the planning can usually be less extensive.

The assembly of a kit is difficult depending on the material and the construction of the stairs. Pre-fabricated spiral staircases and space-saving staircases can usually be put together without any problems. With these types of stairs, in most cases hardly any planning is necessary as long as only standard storey heights are to be bridged.

Kits are available in stores from around 700 EUR, in individual cases they can also be slightly cheaper. For many high-quality kit stairs, however, the prices are well above 1.000 EUR.

These kits are usually also easily adjustable to the actual height, in most cases the adjustable range is between 242 cm and 356 cm. At heights above and below you usually have to resort to (more expensive) custom-made products.

Tips & Tricks Space-saving stairs are often cheaper as a kit than spiral stairs. Here the prices are usually between 300 and 600 EUR, depending on the version.