Wendler-Laura reveals: That's how she becomes as a stepmother

Michael Wendler and his 19-year-old girlfriend Laura got married. Now Laura reveals how she will behave as a stepmother to Michael's daughter Adeline.

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Michael Wendler (18) and his fiancée Laura Müller (19) got married under civil law. The two tied the knot on Friday in their adopted home Florida.
Laura is now officially the stepmother of Michael Wendler's 18-year-old daughter Adeline. The two are separated by only one year of age.
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"She doesn't have to worry about me becoming her stepmother."

In the TV documentary "Michael and Laura - we're getting married now " Laura already revealed before the wedding what she would be like as a stepmother.
"She doesn't have to worry about me becoming her stepmother. We get on well and she will know that I'm not her mom's replacement, "explains the 19-year-old. On Instagram, the two regularly prove how well they get along with joint posts.
Adeline's mother Claudia Norberg sees it differently, however. She explains in her latest Instagram post that Adeline is suffering from the name dispute. "At the moment, she is also going through very difficult and disoriented times because she lives in two different worlds," the 49-year-old notes.

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• - "Thank you " to all of you out there who have sent me so many lovely messages and encouragement regarding my last name and wish me strength and luck. Above all, I would like to thank my daughter Adeline, who is always by my side and supports me. It has nothing to do with the fact that Laura simply appropriated the name "Norberg ". At the moment she is also going through very difficult and disoriented times because she lives in two different worlds. As a mother, I am very sorry that my daughter has to experience all of this. I never wanted that for her. The new family situation gives her so many influences that she has to cope with as an 18-year-old girl. As her mother, I ask you to stand by my daughter's side and wish her luck and strength so that she does not lose sight of the right path in her life. - I would like to thank you again for all your effort and time to write me all these loving messages and to wish me the best. - Very dear thanks ! I love you ! - I also wish you all, all the best and very good luck! Please all stay healthy ! Your Claudia

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