When the chimney pushes smoke into the apartment

There are several reasons for this, if the chimney pushes smoke into the apartment and the smoke continues to build up in the room. Often there is something wrong with the stove. The strong smoke development in the room should be counteracted.

Various reasons for a lot of smoke in the room

Here are some of the most frequently occurring reasons when excessive smoke appearance in the room:

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  • Lack of ventilation
  • A chimney with too low altitude
  • An uninsulated chimney
  • A heavily polluted chimney
  • A faulty chimney attachment
  • Too big pressure differences outside the house
  • a defective insulation on the oven
  • false or. to moist fuels

To the problems outside the furnace

Often the problems are not to be found on the stove itself, but on the smoke deduction or. chimney. This must be properly dimensioned, for example, the sufficient height. Often old chimneys are too poorly isolated. In the episode, the exhaust gases cool too fast. A chimney always draws better when it is warm. The smoke will also be pushed back into the apartment if the chimney has not been cleaned and contains too much debris. Bird nests or broken stones can also cause problems. Here only a thorough cleaning or. Repair of the chimney by a specialist. In addition, incorrectly attached or defective chimney tops often lead to problems. These can then slow down the exhaust gas flow, which is why there is a backlog.

Differences in pressure outside the building

Strong winds can cause the air to be pushed back through the chimney into the building because the air pressure there is significantly lower. However, this is a very rare reason for excessive smoke development in the home.

If the stove is defective

Last but not least, defects on the stove itself can be responsible for too strong smoke development in the apartment. Often, for example, a lack of ventilation is, which is why there is no oxygen in the burning of the fire in the oven. But also defective sour seals can cause unpleasant odors or even strong smoke swaths to be pressed into the apartment.