If the rosette does not fit on the fitting

The assembly of newly purchased fittings sets is easy: all parts are coordinated and fit together. However, it can be different for new apartments or individually composed configurations. If the rosette wobbles and is not flush, there are various possible solutions.

Why does the rosette not fit on the fitting??

The rosettes should actually look more beautiful on a bathtub or shower fitting by concealing the bare connections of the hot and cold water pipes to the fitting connections. It is all the more annoying when they do not fit, wobble around loosely or do not shoot flush with the wall.

Reasons for this can be the following:

  • Too long tap extensions on the line connections
  • Rosette too high or too flat

Inside, screw rosettes intended for bathroom fittings usually always fit on the pipe connections, because they are standardized to ½ inch. So there shouldn't be any problems here. On the outside, however, the metal caps either cannot close to the wall and / or leave a piece of the threaded connection between the S-connections and the fitting free. In both cases, it is not only the appearance that is the problem, but also hygiene. Because dirt and limescale can accumulate in the gaps, which are difficult to remove and possibly become a breeding ground for mold.

Too long tap extensions?

If the rosette does not come right up to the wall surface, it may well be that at some point too long tap extensions have been screwed onto the pipe connections in the wall. Faucet extensions are threaded pieces that are supposed to bring water pipe ends that are too deep into the wall up to the wall surface. These tap extensions are available in different sizes and should actually be matched exactly to the piece to be bridged from the end of the line to the wall surface. If they have been used for too long, the S-connections screwed on to compensate for height and distance will protrude from the wall. And in this case also the associated rosettes.

The best way to remedy this is to replace the tap extensions. Alternatively, you can shorten the S connections on the line side accordingly with a hacksaw.

Rosette too high or too flat

If the fitting components are put together individually, the escutcheons cannot close to the wall as they should due to an unsuitable height. If you measure the required height, you can get rosettes with the appropriate height separately. However, you should refrain from simply filling gaps with silicone compound.