Who still grinds knives these days?

The times of the wandering knife sharpener are mostly only history, even in rural regions. Professional knife grinding companies offer their services online as a mail order business. Anyone who happens to live near a specialist company can, of course, have the sharpening carried out directly and personally.

Demand decreased continuously

In earlier times the craft of knife sharpening was an independent activity. As one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind, various cutting tools used to have to be kept sharp. In addition to kitchen tools, there were also animal fittings, razor and shear tools, woodworking equipment such as saws and planes, garden tools such as hedge trimmers and tailor's shears.

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With the decline in agricultural activities and the increasing industrialized production and supply of and with consumer goods, the preservation of sharpness increasingly faded into the background. In addition, this development was accelerated by the emergence of hardware stores and the range of affordable grinding machines and sharpening tools.

Inexpensive niche service

The availability of special equipment through the Internet makes it easy to get even unusual and exotic grinding aids, such as Japanese and Chinese water sharpening stones. While in the past every toolmaker and blacksmith could in principle also sharpen knives, today's sharpening trade has developed into a niche service.

Among the various crafts, knife sharpening is also one of the activities with which one can earn the least money. The costs for knife sharpening are in the single-digit euro range for almost all types of blades. Even the professional sharpening of high-quality Damascus knives rarely costs more than twenty euros.

Online presence with price lists

The scissors and knife grinders still in use today can easily be found on the Internet with the help of search engines. In a few minutes an overview of the possible suppliers for knife sharpening is gained. Unlike in other industries, knife grinders have a transparent pricing policy.

The published price lists allow a quick and reliable offer and price comparison. It is always worthwhile to compare manufacturer- and brand-dependent service offers, such as sharpening WMF knives, with the prices of online providers.

Tips & Tricks The manufacturer Victorinox offers an inexpensive to free sharpening service for original Swiss army knives. When cleaning is done via German acceptance points, the blades are automatically resharpened.