This is how slates are cut

Slate is stone - but it is particularly brittle. This naturally raises the question of how best to cut slate - or shape it. Find out how best to do this here.

Slate and its special structure

Slate is a very fragile material. Classic stone processing is sometimes reaching its limits here. There are various ways of getting it into shape in the professional sector - from slate tongs to special cutting discs - however, slate is usually cut into shape with a chisel and a corresponding hammer. Such a tool is usually found at roofers.

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Slate sheets are available in different thicknesses - with very thick sheets, usually only sawing helps, preferably with a jigsaw and diamond saw blade. You should, however, go to work very slowly and carefully. The beautiful, very natural-looking breaklines then naturally disappear.

Shape slate step by step

  • Slates of slate
  • Chisel and hammer or
  • Slate tongs or
  • Jigsaw and special diamond saw blade

1. Secure the workpiece

Under all circumstances, ensure that the slate plate is securely fastened before processing. It must not slide or move.

The best way to do this is to use at least two screw clamps (€ 6.25 at Amazon *), or you clamp the slate plate accordingly.

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2. wear safety glasses

For all work where there is a risk of splintering, you should absolutely wear suitable protective goggles that prevent stone splinters from getting into your eyes - otherwise, this can lead to painful and often dangerous eye injuries.

3. Working with hammer and iron

Always place the iron directly on the desired edge, then hit the iron courageously but gently with the hammer.

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Always lead the punches outwards from the desired edges so that an even breaking edge is created on all sides.

4th. Working with slate tongs or with a jigsaw and saw blade

Alternatively, you can shape thinner slates with so-called slate tongs. The handling is actually self-explanatory.

When working with a jigsaw and diamond saw blade, you must be very careful not to injure yourself. In particular, proceed very slowly here when cutting. Incidentally, the other methods are always better suited for thinner plates.

Tips & Tricks If you are not sure how to best shape your slate, it is best to ask a roofer for advice. Roofers often deal with slate and are most familiar with the material and how it is processed.