Just like back then! Why you should go on holiday in a holiday home again

Sure, a vacation in a holiday home is usually cheaper than in a hotel. But there are many other reasons that speak for a holiday home. So I went on the trail of my childhood to relive the typical "holiday home feeling ".

Do you still know that from your childhood days? These family vacations by car - the trunk packed to the last corner, you arguing with your siblings in the back seat, Rolf Zuckowski can be heard from the loudspeakers and mom and dad are discussing the best route up front? But at the latest when you finally turned into the driveway to the holiday home, then everyone was just one thing: really happy!

Even today, such a vacation home vacation is still something very special. That's why I grabbed my whole family and followed the traces of my childhood to the holiday home in Zeeland. Conclusion: gladly again and again! And here are the reasons for it:

1. Its cheap

Especially when you travel with a lot of people, a holiday home or apartment is often cheaper than booking several hotel rooms. Thanks to your own kitchen, you can cook yourself and save expensive visits to the restaurant. A trip to the foreign supermarket is also always an experience. You discover a lot of new things, but also a few old friends. Especially nice: my little nephew still likes the Dutch chocolate sprinkles on breakfast bread today as much as I did when I was a child.

2. You feel "at home "

Unlocking the door to your new "home " for the first time is just as exciting today as it was then. How does it look inside? Who gets which bedroom? And what surprises might be hidden in the cupboards?? While everything is new and strange at the beginning, after a few hours you feel almost at home. Grandpa has found his favorite place on the armchair, there is a smell of freshly brewed coffee and toy cars are already flying around on the floor. No hotel room in the world can give you this wonderful feeling of being at home.

3. All under one roof

Three generations (and the family dog) under one roof - we don't see that that often either. The grandparents are happy that they can play with their grandchildren again and the parents are happy to have some free time to relax in the garden - awesome! It's also great that you always have the car on site and can go on many excursions together, which otherwise falls short in the stressful everyday life.

4th. Space to run around

A holiday home with its own garden - this is of course ideal for children who can really let off steam in their new surroundings. Many holiday homes specialize in families and have swings, slides or even a trampoline in the garden. Even I become a child again and romp around on the trampoline with the little ones like I used to.

5. A trip back to childhood

The little house in the countryside with the typical thatched roof - a sight that I remember well from childhood. And apart from that, I feel like I'm transported back to the good old days as a result of my vacation. During a little stroll through the cozy Domburg, childhood memories come back to me. Actually, that much hasn't changed at all - the great holiday feeling has definitely stayed the same. Now an ice cream and then off to the beach - just like back then.

Get pleasure?

You would now like to start your holiday home vacation right away? Accommodation, for example in Dutch Zeeland, is available from approx. 35 euros per night (e.g.B. via www.HomeAway.de).
Tip: When searching for your accommodation, don't just filter for the location, but also exactly according to your wishes, e.g.B. "on the beach ", "pets allowed " or "with swimming pool " - this is how you can quickly and accurately find the right accommodation for you.

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