How can I change the filling with my plastic door?

A house door is usually always built in the same way, no matter what material it is made of: First of all there are the door frame and door leaf - the leaf in turn is composed of several elements. It has its own frame and a filling that is inserted in the middle. In some cases it is possible to change the filling of a plastic door. Then the door leaf looks almost like new again.

The pane for the window - the panel for the plastic door

What the window is the pane, the plastic door is the filling: both facade elements consist of a frame and an insert. Frame and filling or. Bills are fully visible from both sides.

However, a plastic door is not always designed in such a way that the door panel can be easily removed and changed. If this is exactly what you plan to do, the first thing you should do is check with the manufacturer for the replacement option.

Perhaps he advises against it, especially because you would only damage the door or even destroy it completely. However, there may be no replacement panels for your door model at all.

Changing the filling of the plastic door: this is how it works!

If you want to change the filling of your plastic door, then you should try the following way. But be careful and take into account that it won't work or that scratches will occur.

The transition between the panel and the frame of the door leaf is usually covered with a strip on the inside. This is where you have to start to detach both parts from each other. To do this, you need a long, flat object such as a chisel or a wide screwdriver.

  • Carefully loosen a ledge with the chisel
  • Then loosen the next bar
  • Work slowly forward until all 4 strips are "down"
  • Caution: the filling could pop out by itself!
  • If not: carefully pry it out too
  • Put new filling in the gap
  • Reattach all four strips

Change the plastic door panel yourself - or have it changed?

We recommend contacting a specialist company to change the filling of a plastic door - especially if it is a house door. After all, you want to continue to live burglar-proof and of course maintain the aesthetics of your door.

Tips & Tricks Did you know that the door panel makes a decisive contribution to thermal insulation? If you want to change this, then upgrade the insulation straight away!