How to repair a cast sewer pipe

Cast iron pipes are often found in older homes. Even if cast is quite robust, damage can occur over time. If they are only small or if there is little water leakage, you can easily repair it yourself.

How can a cast sewer pipe be sealed?

There is a special modeling clay that consists of two components with which you can quickly repair minor damage. In the case of major damage, you can only limit the damage until a new sewer pipe can be laid.

How do you go about it??

  • The sewer pipe must be free of water
  • Clean the leak and dry it
  • Cut off an appropriate piece of modeling clay
  • Knead the mass until both components are mixed
  • Wrap a sausage-shaped strand around the leak
  • Dry them according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Avoid any water entry during the drying time
Tips & Tricks It is best to use a sign to ensure that none of the house residents lets any liquid into the sewer pipe.