How can you paint pine furniture?

Pine furniture belonged to the most popular pieces of furniture for years. They were inexpensive and adapted to the former fashion. Before you separate yourself lightly, you should consider whether you can not miss your pine furniture a new look.

What options are there?

With the swipe of your old pine furniture, give your furniture a fresh look. This is best suited to lasing or painting.

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What is painting in the pine furniture?

Before it goes to painting, the old paint must be removed with sandpaper. After that, is primed. If you use a 2-in-1 paint you can save the primer.

After the order of the primer or the first 2-in-1 paint coating, it must be ground again. Thereafter, a second or third coat of painting takes place again and again with the intermediate grinding after drying.

You need:

  • Sandpaper
  • primer
  • Acrylic or synthetic resin paint
  • Possibly. dilution
  • brush
  • Paint roller
  • Color

Difference between acrylic paint and synthetic resin paint

Lacquer type Benefits Disadvantages
Acrylic water Environmentally friendly, hardly odor, tool can be cleaned quickly Color is not as good as the synthetic resin paint
Synthetic resin paint solvent more durable than acrylic paint, hardens better, color runs better Environmentally harmful, toxic vapors

What should be considered in the pine furniture?

While the paint leaves a covering color layer, fresh glazes only the natural wood grain. Lasuren are environmentally friendly as they are made on a water-based.

You need:

  • Sandpaper
  • glaze
  • Flat and round brushes

However, glazes only last on untreated wood. That means that this has to be sanded down thoroughly. The glaze is available in different colors and it penetrates deep into the wood. Here, too, it must be sanded again after drying before a new application can be made. With several layers you can influence the color intensity.

The glaze underlines the natural wood grain, which is not covered. It is therefore important to only apply the glaze with the wood grain. If you want to give your varnished pine furniture a subtle shine, a wood oil can be applied at the end.

Tips & Tricks Transform your pine furniture in a shabby chic style. Instead of smooth-polished surfaces, this style exudes a lot of charm and can be practiced especially well with pieces of furniture that already have small beauty errors anyway.