How to find a sewage pipe?

Especially with older structures, the finding of sewage pipes is not easy. Missing plans, superstructures or heavy troubles make it often impossible to track the course of sewage pipes. Once she is clogged, good advice is expensive.

What to do if the situation of the pipes is unknown?

Old sewage pipes have deposits or are broken and the roots of trees grown. At some point, both contributes to the wastewater pipe clogged. Broken wastewater pipes must be exchanged. But where should you dig, if there are no plans?

We have the solution

Get a location device for localizing your wastewater channel. With it you can determine the position and depth of your sewer pipe and detect damaged areas. This enables you to map the course of the pipeline and precisely determine the point where your sewer pipe needs to be rehabilitated.

Tips & Tricks Organizing devices can be borrowed from a local sewer cleaning company.