How can a bamboo cup be cleaned?

Seemingly sustainable, multi-use bamboo take-away cups have recently been heavily marketed in the wake of the organic movement and the simultaneous to-go culture. However, they have long been criticized for the pollutants they contain. They are also an important issue for cleaning.

Everything in a bamboo cup

Pretty and trendy designed to-go cups made of even more trendy, because it is so sustainable, bamboo - that seemed to be a real success idea for a while. There were actually plenty of customers for the fashion product. However, significant shortcomings in terms of clean composition have now been uncovered.

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The bamboo cups in question actually consist largely of ground bamboo. However, the bamboo flour cannot be held together to form a sturdy cup without composite materials. Melamine resin, a synthetic resin made of melamine and formaldehyde, is usually added to standard drinking containers for stabilization.

These substances are problematic for the following reasons:

  • are partially released from the composite material at higher temperatures
  • Melamine has toxic properties
  • Formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions

This fact makes the bamboo cups quite unattractive for everyone who cares about their health. The material composition is particularly problematic when hot drinks are drunk from the bamboo cup. Especially when it is regularly filled with freshly brewed coffee or tea, the mug gradually releases the harmful substances even after prolonged use. That is why people have been warned about bamboo cups everywhere.

Clean bamboo cups properly

With this in mind, it is best to forego this trend product and rather switch to metal cups. But who wants to use a bamboo cup despite all warnings, should clean it so that as little melamine and formaldehyde as possible leak out of the material - so especially not too hot, in numbers: if possible at temperatures above 70 ° C.

From sales side it is usually advertised that the bamboo cups can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Since most dishwashers rinse a maximum of 70 ° C, this is also quite possible. But it is safe to clean the bamboo cup with lukewarm, mild rinsing water and a soft sponge.

Except hot rinsing water and beverage temperatures, you should not expose a to-go bamboo cup either acids. Such can also detach the pollutants. So do not access vinegar cleaner when cleaning!