How long does WPC last? Durability of the boards at a glance

You are considering using WPC elements for your floors or wall cladding? In this case it is important that you are familiar with the durability and durability of the composite material. As a connection between wood and plastic, wood-plastic composites are robust and weather-resistant, which you can make use of.

Durable WPC elements

Due to their special composition, the WPC elements are significantly more durable than comparable wooden planks, which can be used outdoors for an average of 15 to 20 years. Only with solid woods like Bangkirai, wood-plastic composites draw level. No wonder, since they were inspired by such types of wood. The general shelf life depends on the type of elements:

  • WPC with hollow chamber: 15 to 20 years
  • massive WPC: up to 30 years

If you don't mind the significantly higher weight of the solid WPC elements, you should therefore always opt for them. Provided you prefer a durable material. If 15 to 20 years are completely sufficient for you, you can use the hollow chamber version. Please note, however, that the shelf life of both variants can be influenced by various factors. This also applies to BPC elements.

Factors affecting shelf life

1. Missing substructure

The biggest mistake you can make when placing WPC planks is not using the substructure. The substructure is particularly important outdoors so that the elements do not lie in the water. Even if you use the elements for indoor use, a substructure is necessary. Without it, the material can be damaged due to movement, expansion and stress, which clearly visibly worsens the durability.

2. Higher proportion of wood

If you choose WPC boards with a higher proportion of wood, you must expect the elements to have a shorter service life. More wood means a greater susceptibility to moisture, which in turn has a negative effect on durability. So think about beforehand what proportion of wood you need for your project.

3. quality

The quality is one of the most important points when choosing WPC boards. High-quality solid WPC elements last for years and can be used permanently without problems even in difficult weather conditions. If the boards are of poor quality, you have to expect cracks and other defects more quickly.