How to attach bamboo cane

Anyone who wants to put a bamboo construction in the garden is quite right. After all, bamboo is extremely atmospheric, stylish and very robust. When using majestic giant bamboo tubes, a solid and visually harmonious fastening is required.

Ways to attach bamboo cane

Depending on how you want to use the characterful, thick giant bamboo tubes, there are different mounting options. Bamboo cane is often used for fence constructions. The material is particularly suitable as a privacy screen that also exudes an atmospheric, Japanese elegance. Due to its lightness with simultaneous tightness and hardness it is also relatively easy to process.

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In general, you can and should take advantage of their hollow nature when fastening bamboo tubes. It is also important not to let vertically positioned bamboo canes come into contact with the ground. This would increase the exposure to moisture and thus mold and rot.

Suitable tools for fastening bamboo cane are:

  • Metal post as an intermediate bracket
  • Ground spikes
  • Post shoes
  • Galvanized water pipes
  • Galvanized wire
  • Metal perforated tape
  • Weatherproof tape material (jute cord)

Metal posts, such as granite steles embedded in concrete foundations, can serve as very stable frame elements for puristic, modern and elegant bamboo fences. The pure bamboo look is of course broken through. However, the fastening of the bamboo tubes, which are stacked vertically in between, becomes relatively simple by screwing them to the wooden cross beams on the back. Important: always pre-drill the bamboo tube so that it does not splinter.

In order to anchor support pillars made of bamboo for fence or pergola constructions stable and straight in the ground, water pipes, post shoes or ground spikes are suitable. Water pipes in particular are recommended for inconspicuous fastening away from the ground - the bamboo pipes can simply be attached to them. You just need to choose the right thickness depending on the cavity diameter of the bamboo tube. For the necessary weather resistance, the water pipe and also a post shoe or an earth spike must be galvanized.

You can use galvanized wire to attach bamboo tubes to each other, for example on trellises or hedge supports with bamboo cross struts. This can be pulled through the pre-drilled holes at the ends of the bamboo tube and a stable connection can be established. Metal perforated tape also creates a stable and somewhat more invisible connection.

If you want a more natural and rustic look, you can also use weather-resistant jute cord and carefully knot the bamboo tubes together. This variant can also conceal metal wire connections. In order to ensure a non-slip hold without metal, well-fitting notches can be milled into the pipes to be connected.