How to store the freezer correctly - tips for tidying up

A well thought-out organization system in the freezer makes it easier to find certain foods quickly. This saves you time and energy, because the freezer only needs to be opened briefly. Searching for a long time with the door open wastes electricity and promotes ice formation.

Decent restart

First, remove all food from the freezer and discard any expired food. Check packaging that has already been opened for icing. If a lot of ice has already formed in it, dispose of this frozen food as a precaution. Take the opportunity to defrost and thoroughly clean the freezer. Then you start with the systematic sorting of your food.

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Order aids at a glance

  • Post the list of contents next to the freezer
  • Use writable freezer boxes
  • Label freezer bags
  • Provide freezer compartments with magnetic boards

Find your favorite foods with one handle

You can sort all particularly popular foods in a freezer compartment that is at eye level. This is where the packaging that appears most frequently on the menu is at the front. You clear the items that are prepared a little less often in your household.

When sorting, form food groups. Meat dishes are stored in one compartment, vegetables and herbs are in another. Pizzas, French fries and baked goods can be put in another compartment. Ice cream and frozen fruit can form the next group.

Clear packaging and labeling

With larger freezers, it is worthwhile to label the individual freezer compartments. To do this, you can cut magnetic foil to size and apply it to the compartments. In this way you can see at a glance in which compartment the food group you are looking for can be found.

Smaller packages such as sachets with herbs can be stored together in a freezer box. In this way, the small packs are not lost between larger packs and are not forgotten.

An inventory list, which you can hang on the freezer door or on the wall next to the appliance, provides the best overview of the contents of your freezer. The inventory list only makes sense if you update it regularly. The effort is worthwhile, especially with larger stocks.

Tips & Tricks A well-filled freezer uses less energy than an empty one. Less warm air can enter the filled freezer when the door is opened. An empty device, on the other hand, offers plenty of space for the incoming warm room air. The cold air from the freezer escapes more easily.