How to fix the thermostat in the shower

The thermostat in the shower has an important function. It ensures that the temperature set on the mixer tap is maintained and that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. But what to do in the event of a defect?

Fix the thermostat in the shower?

You don't always have to hire a craftsman if the thermostat in the shower no longer works properly. In many cases, the faucet can be repaired by removing the thermostat and making it work again. This could potentially save a few hundred euros in costs. Often a defect can be traced back to the fact that the moving parts within the thermostat or the mixer tap no longer function properly and the temperature can no longer be set as desired or. this is no longer held. Deposits and dirt in the thermostat faucet cause such malfunctions. If necessary, it can help to dismantle the fitting and clean it thoroughly.

If you want to do a repair yourself

So that the repair does not cause more damage than the original, there are a few things you should be aware of. You are always responsible for the result yourself and should also have some technical knowledge to carry out the repair properly. The correct procedure for troubleshooting and repairing the thermostatic fitting is important:

  • first turn off the water supply and make sure that there is no more water running
  • then dismantle the dial handle to set the temperature
  • remove the control unit from the fitting
  • then carry out a cleaning of the control unit
  • Remove any dirt residues in the fitting
  • reinsert the cleaned control unit
  • mount the scale handle
  • turn on the water again and check everything for functionality and leaks

Some hints for repair

The individual steps only describe the essential activities that have to be carried out during the repair. It depends on how exactly the fittings in your bathroom are set up and how the control unit has to be removed. In any case, it is a matter of making the controller unit workable and thus putting it back into a functional state. You should be absolutely careful not to damage the seals it contains and to reassemble the individual parts in the correct order.