How to smooth a wax tablecloth

If a wax tablecloth is not delivered rolled up, it can come to you with stubborn creases. If you hang up immediately, it won't work. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can use to get kinks out of shipping or storage.

Tricks for smoothing a wax tablecloth

With their waxy, wipeable surface, wax tablecloths are practical for all messy activities on the table. To make them practically insensitive, wax tablecloths today usually consist of a cotton fleece base and a soft PVC top. This thermoplastic polymer is very stable and durable, but its ductility is also quite tough. When stored in the folded state for a long time, the folded edges can therefore persist.

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To get the tablecloth smooth and supple again, you need one thing above all: warmth. Because under the influence of heat, the structure of the molecular chains in the soft PVC changes, making it easier to deform. But be careful: from a certain temperature, the better deformability goes into melting. The decomposition process of soft PVC begins at around 180 ° C. Turning the iron on at full power is therefore not the right solution.

Instead, try to take cautious measures:

  • Iron the wax tablecloth from the reverse side with the iron set low
  • Heat the wax tablecloth with the hairdryer and hang it up

Ironing method:

Ironing is a solution - but only with the right precautionary measures. Set the iron on the lowest setting and iron the wax tablecloth from the bottom. The cotton fleece can withstand the heat without any problems and gently transfers it to the top coating. So that the heat between the soft PVC top and table or. The ironing board does not jam, you can place a slightly damp cotton cloth in between. Run the iron patiently along the folded edges for a while and let the tablecloth lie for a while after the treatment, preferably weighted down with flat, heavy objects, until it has cooled down.

Hair dryer method

You can also use a hair dryer to heat oil tablecloth creases to make them softer and more pliable. Here, too, the following applies: do not exert too much heat on the PVC coating, otherwise there is a risk of permanent deformation damage. So choose a moderate heat level and do not hold the hair dryer outlet directly on the tablecloth surface. In order to bring the kinks into the desired, smooth shape after / during heating, you can hang the tablecloth with weights attached below on the clothesline or weigh it down on the table with flat, heavy objects.