How to pave and design your garage entrance

If you want to pave a garage driveway, you should first visit an established housing estate. Theft with eyes is not prohibited. You will quickly see which driveway has been sealed carelessly and without ideas. But you will also find driveways that invite you to look. It is the driveways where their owners have combined the required stability of the lanes with natural surroundings. The choice of materials only comes second and even an inexpensive concrete block pavement fits harmoniously into a skillfully placed greenery. A high-quality granite pavement, on the other hand, loses its architectural value without a surrounding design.
Which things are therefore important?

The stability

The structure has already been reported in another article. In particular, the lanes, which are used to the full by the constant point load when driving in and out, have to be designed accordingly. It is advisable to insert a layer of lean concrete, which may even break during later compaction. However, it enables a flat hold.

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Safe access

Design your garage entrance. It doesn't necessarily have to run in a straight line and a slight curve sets design accents. However, combine the preparatory work with several driving tests so that the curve radius does not overwhelm the possibilities of your vehicle. Make sure that your vehicle arrives at an angle in front of the garage door. The entrance may therefore have to be made wider.

Discounts and stand space

You can loosen up the pavement of your garage driveway by inserting a border with ground cover between the lanes. Keep in mind, however, that you will not always be driving into your garage immediately. Therefore, make sure you have several stand areas. They concern the places where you would get out on the driver's and passenger's side in front of the garage. Make sure that the car doors can be opened unhindered at these points and that no outside lights are in the way. However, you also need stand space in front of the garage door and at the property entrance. Make sure that the pavement of your garage entrance does not protrude into the public traffic area.
And one more thing: have a little patience. Even green driveways look bare at first. After two to three years, however, you will be rewarded with a harmonious design.