How deep a sewage pipe must be laid?

You want to embarrass a [wastewater pipe in the ground? There is not only a lot to observe in the selection of pipes and the slope, but also how deep the pipe system must be in the earth.

How deep wastewater pipes must be laid?

Wastewater pipes, which are laid outside a building, must be relocated frost-proof. That is, the sewage pipe must be so deep in the ground that he can not harm strict minus degrees.

Within a property or. Outdoor terrain, the pipes must be laid at a depth of 80 to 100 cm. Is to be expected with heavy traffic, come to a depth of up to 150 cm.

There are also differences in the dimensioning of the sewer pipe, DN 150 on the property DN100 under streets.

Tips & Tricks Note that the sewer pipe must be laid with a slope. This means that the highest point of the sewer pipe corresponds to the minimum depth.