This is how a bamboo parquet is laid

Laying bamboo parquet requires a lot of expertise and skill. Here you can read about what is important.

Laying requires professional skills

Bamboo is a natural material that requires a lot of skill and a great deal of expertise when laying as a flooring. As a rule, bamboo is glued over the entire surface - floating installation is possible in some areas, but rather the exception.

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When laying, both experience with the material bamboo and a solid assessment of the local conditions, the subsurface and the possible exposure to different weather conditions (fluctuations in temperature and humidity) are required. In most cases, the installation will be carried out by a specialist.

Step by step to the bamboo flooring

  • Parquet elements
  • suitable glue
  • Spatula for glue application

1. Check the subsoil

Before the parquet is glued, the surface must be carefully checked - it must be clean, dry, free of cracks and completely flat. It may be necessary to make improvements here before laying.

Before installation can begin, the bamboo parquet must be stored flat in the room for at least two days in order to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room. Laying may only take place in a temperature range of 18-20 ° C, any underfloor heating must be switched off and the screed must have cooled down. The humidity should be between 50 and 65% - both during and after installation.

2. Glue application and laying

An adhesive suitable for the substrate is applied over the entire surface and the bamboo flooring elements are laid in it. The expansion joints always depend on the expected fluctuations in temperature and humidity, but are usually around 10 to 15 mm.

3. completion

After the glue has hardened, the laid bamboo parquet floor can then be sanded, after which the individual elements still have to be jointed: this is done with a mixture of joint putty and sanding dust.

This can then be followed by further treatment with oil or wax.

Tips & Tricks Bamboo parquet is very sensitive - both to mechanical damage and to direct sunlight, which can quickly lead to fading. You should therefore attach felt pads to heavy furniture and protect the floor as much as possible from direct sunlight. The humidity in all rooms should always be between 50 and 65%, even during the heating season.