This is a Helios bad fan cleaned

Bath fan dispose of bad air and moisture. Even a high-quality Helios bath fan therefore needs a thorough cleaning. What to do and how you have to proceed while we want to explain to you based on this guide.

Why must a bathroom fan be cleaned?

A bath fan realized in normal large bathrooms or showers in the hour between 5 and 10 air changes. These are between 90 and 150 m³ / h air in the hour that is transported with dirt, germs or bacteria offset outside.

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Therefore, in the case of every bath fan, the inner life must be cleaned intervals and the filter is changed. This is the only way to keep the air clean and maintain the durability of the fan.

Depending on the number of people using the bath or shower, cleaning should be done every 3 to 6 months. If this is not done, the bathroom fan can no longer properly provide the necessary air exchange, it may start to hum or fail completely.

These components are built into most Helios bathroom fans

The statements are made from the inside out. All parts can be removed for cleaning, although this is not always necessary.

  • Facade (cover)
  • filter
  • Terminal compartment cover
  • Control board
  • Plastic housing with impeller
  • Return air damper

Cleaning in 6 steps

1. Disconnect all poles of the fan from the mains and secure the circuit against being switched on again
2. The facade has two snap hooks with which it can be unlocked and removed.
3. Remove the filter. Tap it off, some filters can also be washed. If necessary, the filter must be exchanged for a new one. Even if the filter is not worn, the change should be made according to the manufacturer's instructions.
4. Thoroughly free the fan of loose dust with a small hand dust vacuum or the crevice nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.
5. All washable parts are now wiped with a damp but not wet rag with adding some detergent.
6. Is everything dried (also the filter) put everything back together, done.

Tips & Tricks If you clean your bathroom fan you can restore the caster or wet sensor at the same time. Please note the manufacturer's instructions, at least when setting the humidity sensor, the voltage freedom must be canceled.