This is how rolling plaster is painted

You can also delete a rolling plaster (49.99 € at Amazon *) for inside or outside? You can, as good as all rolling plaster species are also suitable for painting. You have to be careful here, on the one hand, to use the right tool and, on the other, to proceed correctly.

Apply the roll-up plaster correctly

Most roller plasters can also be brushed generously on the wall with a brush. The only important thing here is to use a correspondingly high-quality brush that is also suitable for the ingredients of the cleaning material. Many plasters and lime containing minerals can attack the bristles of a cheap plastic brush and then stick together. They also form smaller clumps between the bristles of the brush and thus prevent a rich and even application of plaster on the wall. If in doubt, ask the hardware store for a suitable brush; in most cases, all the products that can be used for lime are also suitable for all mineral plasters without any problems. For corners and edges as well as for small areas that are to be plastered, you can then use appropriate brushes, for which the same applies in terms of compatibility as for the brush.

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Pay attention to structures

With a tassel you should work in even, semicircular arcs that intersect. Alternatively, you can also apply plaster lengthways and crossways, but only in one direction. Both create a different look: a semicircular application with the brush creates a very rustic pattern that is reminiscent of the walls of old country houses, where lime or gypsum plaster was often used in the past. When applying lengthways and crossways, always in the same order, the result is a more uneven pattern, which can also be attractive. It should be noted that the plaster also absorbs structures well when painted, so edges and corners worked with a brush are initially very smooth. Therefore you should do it beforehand and brush over again with strong brushstrokes.