Acts latex paint against mold - or promotes them pilot growth?

Latex colors have a little diffusion-open surface, therefore moisture hardly penetrates through. In damp rooms, this paint prevents water from penetrating the wall, on the other hand, the moisture already included in the building substance can only evaporate. So promotes latex color mold growth - or withdraw the fungus the livelihood?

What makes the mold grow?

The mold fungus requires a permanently humid environment to thrive. Everywhere in the room air are in low concentration its spores, we can hardly change something: where he finds a good livelihood, he automatically settles.

Its nutrients he refers from dust and dirt, sometimes also from the building substance. To avoid mold, it is necessary to keep the walls free of moisture and keep his living environment in addition to keeping clean. How does Latex color work in this context?

So protects latex paint against mold

Latex color then acts against mold, when it protects the walls from moisture. This can be done, for example, in the kitchen area of the kitchen or in the bathroom, if the wall is covered with this paint.

In the trade are also latex colors with fungicide content for particularly moldy areas. These often contain a bacteriocide plan and are of course washable and scrubbing: Such coatings are considered particularly hygienic.

In these cases, latex color favors mold growth!

But what happens when a wall in other ways moves to itself and can not escape the water due to the latex painting? First of all, it should be noted that latex color is never completely diffused.

Their water vapor permeability is approximately in the range low diffusible dispersion colors. And: the shiny the surface, the waterproof the layer. A wall painted with latex paint can then start to shimmish when moisture penetrates from the back.

This is most likely to be the case with undue outer walls, which should therefore preferably be provided with the most diffused coating. But even better, it would be properly damaging the walls concerned, especially with natural materials.

Tips & Tricks Do not use fungicide-containing latex paint for mold control, but make sure that your walls remain permanently dry. This is done mainly by a professional insulation and regular ventilation.