Where can I dispose of my old sink??

If the sink has been exhausted, it must be on the trash. But that's not so easy, because there are rules for the disposal of sinks. In addition, the different sink materials also play a role in disposing.

Dispose of the sink: on the recycling center

Generally, the recycling center is the right address for disposing of the washbasin, no matter which material it consists. A ceramic sink dispose of the mineral rubble. This is unfortunately chargeable. In addition, the delivery is allowed on some recycling stoves only one sink per day.

Another popular material for sink is mineral casting. It contains next to minerals also plastic, which is why the sink belongs to the rubble container. For acrylic or glass washbasins, you can best ask the recycling center in which containers you are allowed to lay the sink.

If you still have an old metal washbasin, disposal is free, as scrap metal is not added to the rubble, but melted down and recycled.

Not for the bulky waste

Sinks do not belong in the bulky waste because they are made of materials that cannot be picked up by the bulky waste. So don't just put the old sink in front of the door, it could cause trouble with the community. In some areas, however, there are scrap metal collections. This is the solution for a metal washbasin.

Disposal tips

Wash basins should be given separately according to material if possible. You should therefore dismantle the fittings and drainage pipes and remove the drain. This makes the disposal of certain materials (plastic or glass) cheaper.

Instead of disposal: upcycling

The term upcycling is on everyone's lips these days. One deals with the question of how old things can be re-used or upgraded. This is relatively easy with the sink: You can use it as a decoration and, for example, place or hang it in the garden as a flower container.

Disused sinks are also very suitable as garden sinks if they are not broken but just unsightly. Then it doesn't matter that much if the sink breaks.

By the way, some people with a garden are looking for old sinks. Another possibility of "disposal " is to offer the disused, but still functional washbasin on the Internet.