Where are the prices for modern bungalows?

Many people dream of owning their own bungalow. Such a house has a representative effect and offers a lot of comfort, especially in old age. What does it cost to make this dream come true?

Price advantages of the bungalow

A bungalow offers some price advantages. Although it is a spacious building with a representative character, the construction is rather cheaper than a multi-storey single-family house with similar equipment.

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The bungalow prices are lower because the statics are comparatively simple. The foundation walls do not have to be particularly heavy, and there are no expensive stairwells.

A gravel flat roof is the cheapest way to close the bungalow at the top. A flat hip, gable roof is more expensive, but looks more elegant. Alternatively, you can also green your flat roof, but this increases the weight load significantly.

However, a bungalow usually requires a larger plot of land than a multi-story house. In this way, part of the cost advantage can be lost again.

Bungalows have a large external area in relation to the volume and therefore cool down faster. Builders can prevent increased energy requirements through effective thermal insulation!

Cost factors when building a bungalow

First of all, the size of the bungalow is of course decisive for the price: the floor space and number of rooms are variable cost factors that the client can influence himself.

The shape and construction also have an impact on the construction costs. A rectangular building is cheaper than an angular house. Solid stone walls cost more than precast concrete (€ 15.74 on Amazon *) .

An individually planned home is naturally more expensive than a prefabricated house "off the shelf". Extras also cost more: a cellar or partial cellar, a special roof shape or the energetic construction as a passive house increase the price.

The prices are in this range

  • lowest price group: simply designed prefabricated bungalows between 70.000 and 120.000 EUR from the upper edge of the base plate.
  • Middle price group: prefabricated house with a few extras or simple, individually planned solid house: 120.000 to 200.000 EUR
  • Upper price group: individually planned luxury bungalows from 200.000 EUR

Price example for a prefabricated bungalow

A builder can build a prefabricated bungalow with 110 square meters of living space. He also chooses a green flat roof. In addition, there is the construction of a partial cellar.

Cost overview price
1. Earthworks 8th.000 EUR
2. Partial basement 27.000 EUR
3. Prefabricated bungalow 195.000 EUR
4th. Green roof 6th.500 EUR
total 236.500 EUR

Do-it-yourself on the bungalow

A bungalow is ideal for doing handicraft and repair work using the do-it-yourself method. The homeowner can even repair the roof without putting themselves at risk: this saves money!

Tips & Tricks If you are planning a flat roof for your bungalow, then think early about whether you want to set up a roof terrace. The weight must be taken into account in the structural planning!