Cozy warmth in a new look: converting the tiled stove

Until the 1960s, tiled stoves served as the primary heat source in many residential buildings. Today the old, often nostalgic stoves hardly play a role in heating living space. The combustion no longer corresponds to the state of the art. At the latest with the Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), the conversion of a tiled stove for many households by 2020 or. 2024 mandatory. You can find out what you need to consider when converting your tiled stove in our guide.

When does a tiled stove need to be modernized??

Depending on the fuel, large amounts of soot, fine dust and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide are produced during combustion in a tiled stove. If your tiled stove cannot meet the limit values for dust of 150 mg and carbon monoxide of 4 g per cubic meter of exhaust air, you will have to convert or replace your tiled stove. have it modernized.

You then have the following options:

  • Shut down the tiled stove
  • Installation of a particle filter system
  • Remodel and modernize the tiled stove

Historical tiled stoves that were installed before 1950 are exempt from the obligation.

Converting the tiled stove: Necessary steps

To modernize your tiled stove, in the simplest case only the heating element and the heating gas pipe need to be separated from the post-heating surface of the tiled stove.
The parts can be pulled out like a drawer. A modern heating insert can be pushed back in on the same support bearing. The hot gas pipe must then be reconnected.

Viewing window for a feel-good atmosphere

The actual modernization of an old tiled stove usually causes few problems. Modern heating inserts from many manufacturers are adapted to the size of old tiled stoves. There is often the option of selecting a standard viewing window together with the new heating element.

In this way you can practically convert your old tiled stove into a fireplace and ideally combine the heat storage capacity of a tiled stove with the cozy feel-good atmosphere of an open fire - just like a fireplace.

In the course of such a renovation, you can also carry out necessary cosmetic repairs and re-tile or paint your tiled stove.

Attention: After replacing the heating element, your tiled stove is considered to be a new system in terms of fire protection. In some cases, further fire protection measures are necessary. Therefore, it is best to contact your chimney sweep before converting your tiled stove and include him in the measures.