Which styrene strips can be glued well

The light styrene strips can be easily attached with dispersion adhesives. Normally, one-component adhesive rich. On paper ground like wallpaper, even any solvent-free universal adhesive can be suitable. Normally, assembly adhesives from the cartridge are the ideal choice. The external conditions must be observed.

Lightweight styrofoam

One of the outstanding properties of styrene strips is their weight. As a guide, the weight of 300 grams of a meter-long styrene strip with ten centimeters height and width can be calculated. This weight holds almost every adhesive. The specific gravity of Styrofoam is 0.03 grams per cubic centimeter.

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To glue styrofoam strips, the adhesive can be applied over the entire surface or at certain points. Assembly adhesives applied in serpentine lines are advantageous. Most spray adhesives also have sufficient holding power for attaching Styrofoam.

Suitable types of glue

The choice of adhesive must be based on the substrate. The following adhesives are suitable for styrofoam:

  • Polyurethane adhesive foam for smooth and absorbent surfaces
  • Aerosol spray adhesive on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces
  • Acrylate adhesive for increased hold requirements
  • Assembly adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • System adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Styrofoam glue according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Paper glue on wallpaper
  • Universal adhesives according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Cartridges and tubes are ideal

As a dosage form, tubes or cartridges are particularly useful in processing. Specially designated styrofoam adhesives are not absolutely necessary. Acrylic needs a supply of air to dry. Normally, air access is sufficient for ceiling moldings as an imitation stucco. However, the expensive acrylic adhesives are usually not necessary. All superglues that contain solvents are unsuitable.

If Styrofoam does not stick, the choice of adhesive, the processing or the external conditions may be the cause. Here every possible cause should be eliminated with the elimination technique.

A possible alternative to applying a liquid and hardening adhesive can be double-sided adhesive tape. The low weight of the styrofoam strips is easily borne by branded products. Advantage of this type of attachment is the relatively lightweight subsequent detachment of the moldings, for example, at excerpt from a rental object.

Tips & Tricks Check the compatibility of the selected adhesive and the styrene bar with an order on a specimen. If no material change takes place after 24 hours, the adhesive is suitable.