How should I clean the windows?

Similar to the floor wipers, today there are also numerous cleaning systems for the windows, which should clearly facilitate the cleaning of the windows. Many of them also work quite well, here a small overview of these tools.

Sponge or microfiber wiper

In the conventional systems, the first decision between the microfiber coating and sponge takes place. Even the great well-known manufacturers do not necessarily facilitate this decision, because they offer systems with a fluffy microfiber cover or a sponge.

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Window sponge

From our point of view, the sponge systems have more disadvantages than benefits. In the sponges can easily smoke small stones or ases. These scratches on the surface of the frame and the window.

Rubber carvings are often a bit too tight to come reasonably in all corners and grooves. In addition, the sponge hardens after a short time and then hardly takes up water. Sponges made of foam in turn can not be cleaned well and slowly dissolve after a few inserts.


The remuneration of microfiber can usually be distinguished in two ways. The reference, which is best cleans, is mostly the strongly fluffy reference. This is similar to a sheepskin and successfully thermal properties.

The smoother flat covers are on the slice as effectively. However, they cleanse the frame and the joints are not as perfect as the fluffy cloths.

Telescopic style saves the ladder

Most systems are already available from the manufacturer with a telescopic style. But this should have a rotary and kinkable joint. Only then can you use the window cleaner for both cleaning and drying well with the puller.

Cleaning the window - What to look for?

  • Telescopic style in stable design
  • removable puller
  • Cover hot washable
  • Material of reference
Tips & Tricks It does not have to be the most expensive of the many window cleaning systems on the market. But you should not only pay attention to the price. Most brand windows actually hold a lot longer than the absolute cheap goods.When the device is slowly dissolved in its items for the second use, or the telescopic style automatically collects, the joy of work is not greater.