WOW! The magic of pregnancy in truly unique images

Pregnancy is a special experience for every woman. So it's clear that she wants to keep the memory of it in a very special way. An American photographer had THE idea and turns mothers-to-be into beautiful mermaids.

The American Adam Opris has been photographing large events such as weddings, birthdays and other events for a long time. But that got too boring for him in the long run. He wanted to try something new. He wanted to take pictures of pregnant women. But here, too, he didn't want any standard recordings that everyone would take. He had something in mind that he had never seen before. For Adam, the perfect idea was practically on his doorstep.

Adam comes from Florida, grew up close to the water and has always felt connected to the element. And so the idea came up to photograph pregnant women underwater. Because the water gives women a very special look. At the same time, it is part of all life and an expectant mother could not put it in the limelight.

And really, there is something magical about the pictures Adam takes of the pregnant mermaids. You radiate calm, contentment and serenity. These pictures really illustrate the magic of pregnancy in a truly unique way.