XXL eyelashes: With this care set you get full eyelashes naturally

You want full, long eyelashes without having to resort to fake lashes or an eyelash lift? We'll show you how to get XXL eyelashes naturally.

2021 is clearly not the year for fake lashes. Because the cosmetic studios remain closed once more. But we have time to do something good for each other at home. So now it's not about styling, it's about caring for them, and that also applies to our eyelashes - it's very simple and straightforward. Because with the right care you can stimulate eyelash growth and ensure a breathtaking look - completely without chemicals.
There are many ways to get beautiful and full eyelashes: For example, there are fake lashes, lash extensions or eyelash lifts. However, all of these methods have an expiration date and are associated with effort, inconvenience and follow-up appointments.
You can easily avoid it all and use a special eyelash care set like the one from Jeuxloré. The Lanox Fleur Eyelash Care Complex cares for your lashes and protects them from breaking off, while the Lanox Fleur Eyelash Serum helps them grow. With us you will find the set almost 50 percent cheaper!

Little effort, great result

We not only use the more time at home for home workouts, delicious baking or other new hobbies, but also do something for our care. We shouldn't forget our eyelashes, and certainly not if it's so easy and quick.
With the eyelash care set from Jeuxloré you can fulfill your dream of full, long and well-groomed eyelashes within six to ten weeks without having to do a lot. One application per day and product is sufficient!

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Jeuxloré eyelash care set: the deal at a glance

  • Lanox Fleur Eyelash Care Complex 8 ml
  • Lanox Fleur eyelash serum 4 ml
  • Dermatologically tested
  • First results after 6-10 weeks
  • Only 25.95 euros instead of 49.95 euros

For only 25.95 euros you can buy the eyelash care set from Jeuxloré on Amazon.* Simply enter the discount code "GOFEMDEAL " in the shopping cart.

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Applying eyelash care correctly: It's that easy!

The eyelash care serum is said to promote your natural eyelash growth with two peptide complexes. Eyelash care is designed to improve the structure of your eyelashes and protect them from breaking. The first results can be achieved after just six to ten weeks.
The serum only needs to be used once a day, preferably after cleansing. One stroke of the brush over the upper, outer lash line is enough. You can easily apply the eyelash care to your eyelashes like mascara.
Tip: You can just as easily use the products on your eyebrows.