Polishing cement tiles

Cement tiles are enjoying increasing popularity again. However, it is a very demanding floor covering. It starts with laying and continues with cleaning. We have summarized below for you how to polish cement tiles again so that they shine with a high gloss.

Cement tiles - demanding from manufacture to maintenance

First, a mixture, which mainly consists of marble powder, cement and color pigments, comes in a form with a fixed, defined size. This is followed by cement again, then the tile is pressed under high pressure and has to dry for many weeks. This enormous effort in production explains the high price for high-quality cement tiles.

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Never neglect the care of the cement tiles

After laying cement tiles, they must also dry completely, then they are immediately impregnated or sealed. In between, the care of the cement tiles is particularly important. This must take place at regular intervals in line with the stress. If mistakes are made here, the procedure is graded as follows:

  • clean regularly
  • Polish in the event of minor damage
  • grind in the event of major damage (exception!)

Only polish the cement tiles with really suitable tools

It's not just sanding cement tiles that is problematic. Great care must be taken when polishing. Due to the manufacturing technique, the layer of paint with the marble dust is not too thick. Particularly cheap cement tiles are equipped with a possibly even thinner and more sensitive layer.

Only polish when there is no other option

Even polishing cement tiles should therefore only be considered if you see no other way of freshening up. To prevent this from happening too often, you should definitely schedule the cleaning and maintenance cycles in short periods of time.

Tools for polishing cement tiles

You can of course use different polishing pastes. Make sure, however, that these are suitable for calcareous and marble-containing stones. These must not contain any acids. Numerous experts recommend the use of diamond pads. Usually there are pads in three different grain sizes that are used one after the other. Follow the instructions for use (wet polish with water) and polish with gentle pressure in circular movements.

Post-processing of polished cement tiles

After the cement tiles have dried, they should be impregnated or sealed again as soon as possible.

Tips & Tricks Do not use distilled water for cleaning or wet polishing. Distilled ("empty ") water acts like a sponge on substances and dissolves them. Therefore, distilled water cannot be transported through water pipes.