Renovate room door - tips and possibilities

Room doors are just part of the apartment. But with the years you will be old or go. Especially with wooden doors it is worth renovating them rather than buying expensive new or cheap unsightly doors.

Renovate inner door

Renovating a door can take several steps. Often just a new coat of paint is necessary, but sometimes the doors are so worn that even parts have to be replaced.

Repaint the door

Painting the door can be a lot of work. If the paint flakes off heavily, you have to remove it completely, for example with a hot air tool and a spatula, but better still with a paint stripper (€ 28.44 on Amazon *) . which you then apply with a spatula. Removing the old paint is particularly difficult in the corners. Then sand the wood.

When painting, you have the option of completely redesigning the doors and giving the apartment a different look. Be brave.

Instead of painting the door, you can wrap it with foil. This gives you completely different design options.

Replace parts

Doors are stressed, so one or the other part can break. It often happens, for example, that a particle has splintered off in the lower area at the edge. One solution is to put on a bar. Possibly. however, you have to remove the lock and mill the opening again. Better if only one piece is broken: You plane the piece at an angle and place a wedge-shaped piece of wood. This repair is barely visible later.

Ugly holes from fallen branches can be plugged with wooden plugs. You drill out the corresponding point and manufacture or buy a suitable cross-wood dowel, glue it in and sand the point smooth.

Plug small holes

Small holes, for example from screws or nails, can be closed with a little wax. Wax comes in a wide variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that goes with your door. Melt the wax in your hand or with a candle and rub or drizzle it into the hole. Remove the rest with a plastic spatula. Possibly. polish the door afterwards so that the wax stains disappear.