Swiss stone pine - toxic or healthy?

Since balls and wood shavings made from stone pine are considered to be effective remedies against clothes moths, one could well justifiably ask about toxic ingredients. Pine wood is actually a material with particularly health-promoting properties, especially in the Alpine region. Indeed, it is worth taking a closer look, after all, harmful ingredients can sometimes get into the wood in a roundabout way.

Swiss stone pine health and wellness trend - scientifically controversial

In the past, entire alpine huts were built from the slowly growing and relatively soft stone pine in the Alpine region. Nowadays the price of the decorative grained wood has increased noticeably. This is not least due to the fact that in many hotels entire rooms and saunas are paneled with pine wood. After all, the characteristic scent of the stone pine is said to have positive effects on health.

Most distributors of stone pine products refer to a study by Joanneum Research. This is being discussed critically, as it is sometimes not viewed as meaningful due to the study parameters. Nevertheless, many people still swear by the positive properties of the stone pine. The following are often mentioned as such:

  • Lowering the heartbeat rate
  • antibacterial properties
  • the pleasant scent of the essential oil pinosylvin

Untreated stone pine: harmless to the health of allergy sufferers and small children

Even if the health effects of stone pine are controversial and hotly debated over and over again, there is still nothing to suggest that stone pine could be toxic in any way. After all, many buildings and furniture in the Alpine region have been made of stone pine for centuries.

Of course, there are certain concerns that the intense smell might have an effect on the health of allergy sufferers or small children. After all, even healthy adults should perhaps not immediately lay their heads on a fresh stone pine pillow while sleeping, but rather position them at a distance in the bedroom to get used to. However, untreated, natural stone pine should be safe for both allergy sufferers and babies. In general, allergies to certain types of wood are extremely rare.

On the other hand, it cannot be completely dismissed that one should be careful with small children with regard to essential oils in concentrated form. In this respect, care should be taken that older and therefore not so intensely scented stone pine furniture was not only helped with a treatment with stone pine oil.

Take care when caring for the wood

However, the danger does not lurk so much in stone pine oil if it comes from a verifiably organic production. Rather, oils with harmful substances such as PCP (pentachlorophenol) are unfortunately sometimes used for the care of stone pine. In addition, the wood may have been contaminated with wood preservatives such as lindane immediately after logging. Therefore, make sure that you only purchase stone pine furniture and pillows with stone pine chips from reputable dealers who have the appropriate proof of quality.