Avoid drafts: This is how you seal your front door!

Your front door is leaking? In most cases it pulls through the gap below the door leaf, especially in the cold season this can be very annoying. Not only does the quality of living suffer in this case, but a lot of heating energy is also lost. But there are ways to remedy this deficiency: Read how to do it here.

Front door pulls: why is it?

First, look to see exactly where your front door is leaking. If the door leaf is not tight enough or you discover a small gap in the closing area? Then you should readjust your front door, either vertically or in depth.

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A horizontal readjustment is of course also possible, so the gap below the door becomes smaller. However, these measures are not always sufficient; other ideas are then required.

Seal the leaky door against the cold

Adjusting nothing is of no use, the cold air still comes into your house or apartment? Then there are various other ways to restore comfort. Here are our suggestions:

Seal the front door with door rubbers

Perhaps the rubber seals on your front door are defective or you have no seals at all? If this is the case, simply apply new self-adhesive rubber seals around the front door. However, this only works with relatively small cracks.

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Remember that the rubber seals need to be checked regularly and replaced after a while. Inexpensive silicone spray is suitable for sealing rubber care.

Seal the front door with a brush seal

In almost every hardware store you can buy so-called brush seals, which can simply be stuck on underneath the door leaf. This means that the door continues to open and close without any problems, but the draft remains largely outside.

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In addition, these brushes do not move constantly, like various utensils that can be placed in front of the lower door gap. There are now also seals made of soft plastic, which may look better than a brush.

Have new seals milled in

If you want to seal your front door as effectively as possible and are not afraid of any costs, simply call a carpenter into the house. Depending on the house door model, he has the option of subsequently milling sealing slots and making the door professionally winter-proof.

Set up a vestibule with a curtain

An inexpensive way to get the drafts through your front door under control is to separate the entrance area with a thick curtain. In this way, the cold wind can only get to the shoes that have been parked - and no longer into the apartment.

Tips & Tricks Brush or plastic seals that are too long to be attached below the door leaf can also be shortened well. Just saw or cut them to size.